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Allyn Carnival 1954

Kirk Brush Shed Where Port of Allyn Building is Today

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ALLYN 100 YEARS OLD - 1989

In 1989, 100 hundred years after it was platted, Allyn had a Post Office, fire station, beauty shop, hardware store, market and grocery, restaurant and lounge, bank, real estate office, insurance company, waterfront park with a dock and launch ramp, tavern, novelty and craft shop, liquor store, deli and gas station, drive-in restaurant, counseling service, second hand store, two oyster companies and a brush processing company. Lakeland Village development, a residential and recreational corporation begun in the late 1960's, has grown over the years into a major community and today (2004) includes over 700 homes, a 27 hole golf course, a large club house for resident and public use, and a restaurant.

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Port of Allyn

Established 1921

Fire District 5

Established 1953

Kowalczyk's Shell Station

Where Wood Carving is Today

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John Peebles owned the waterfront property and sold it to the Port of Allyn

1954 Forest Festival Parade

District 5 Entry

Richard Knight & Barry Betsinger

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Birthday Club Established 1926

This is but a glimpse of Allyn through the years.  


The Allyn Community Association was established and in 1988 they built the gazebo at the waterfront park in Allyn

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In 1963 Lakeland Village a private golfing community was established by Don & Bob Anderson.